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Adrienne is one of the most empathetic, well-attuned and thoughtful therapists in the business. She truly cares about helping her clients and adapts her methodology to carefully navigate through complex issues and discover themselves - both at an individual as well as at a couple-level. I always feel she listens wholeheartedly and is able to pinpoint the “true essence of the feeling” precisely which helps ease communication, focus on oneself, and understanding life situations better. I recommend her very highly to everyone looking to improve relationships, heal from emotional trauma and seeking to better oneself.

Adrienne’s calm soothing and upbeat personality has been key in helping me navigate these stressful times. The zoom sessions are so seamless it feels like she’s right in the room. Highly recommended therapist

Adrienne has been and continues to be instrumental in helping me live my best life with bravery, joy, empowerment and freedom! I’ve never been happier as I continue on my journey to discover my truest essence. Thank you Adrienne!

Would definitely recommend Adrienne for therapy sessions. She is very attentive, empathetic and understanding. She gives great tips and advice.

I was very reluctant to getting help as the previous person I went to sadly was not able to do much for me. However, I am so thankful that I took a chance on Adrienne! She is kind, knowledgable and really makes you feel that she cares about you and your well-being. I am finally getting closer to becoming the person I wish to be thanks to her. I could not thank Adrienne enough!

Adrienne is a wonderful therapist. She is highly intuitive, empathetic and effective at cutting through to the real issue. 100% recommend!

Excellent psychologist, kind, intelligent. She has been very helpful with my daughter and my daughter felt comfortable with her right away. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help their child with anxiety as well as other issues.

After having tried CBT and psycho-analysis, I contacted Adrienne and I was very happy I did. She helped me a lot in understanding my desires and needs, and not feel guilt or shame around them. I highly recommend her!

I looked up Montreal’s best couple therapists and decided I would go with Adrienne. I am grateful that I did! Adrienne is professional and empathetic to our situation. After 16 years of marriage, my husband and I needed a tune-up and she is guiding us to better communication and a healthier lifestyle. I highly recommend her if you are in need of guidance. Life gets tough sometimes and with Adrienne, I am confident, it is possible to get through it!

Adrienne has and is continuing to help me navigate the waters of empty nest as well as other issues revolving around life transitions - I highly recommend her.

Whether dealing with short-term crisis or long-term deep dive, Adrienne is an incredible therapist. She has helped me tremendously.

Seeking out help was something that I have done in the past and I got nothing out of it. I am so thankful that I found her with the help of reading her reviews. When I first contacted her I was not in a good space in my life and I couldn't quite grasp why that was. Adrienne very quickly gained my trust and I was able to open myself up, something that I've tried my whole adult life to not do. She guides me through my emotions and what is amazing about her is she helps me cope with what was buried inside. I am forever grateful for her. I hope this review can reach someone that is in need of some healing, you will not go wrong with Adrienne.

Adrienne, As I left our last session this week I was reflecting on how easy it has always been to talk to you, even from our first meeting. Our conversations flow naturally and yet you seem to pinpoint exactly what I need help with at the moment. I felt comfortable from our first meeting in your beautiful office and somehow knew at that moment that everything was going to alright. I appreciate your kindness, support and wisdom. I already feel the beginnings of what is possible. I know with your guidance, I will find my own way back to the path I am meant to be on. thank you for everything.

I’ve lost track of how many times Adrienne Durst has come to my rescue. I owe her such an immense, incalculable debt of gratitude. She’s by far the best therapist I’ve ever gone to, and if you need help (and who doesn’t?) I wholly suggest reaching out to her. Stumbling across her contact info all those years ago was such a lucky, pivotal moment on my path to healing and recovery. I still meet with her, from time to time, whenever I need to work something through or if I require guidance or advice. Like a steady clock, she’s always there for me, and for all of us Montrealers who need her. She’s kind, patient, funny, and extremely smart. She’s fiercely nonjudgmental, but thankfully she also isn’t afraid to disagree when the occasion calls for it. She’s never once during any of our sessions made me feel foolish or less than. Her office is a totally safe space. Without going into specifics, one of her intrepid suggestions literally gave me the strength to survive something almost unbearable. I am so grateful for Adrienne, and if you contact her I know you will be, too. Tucked firmly in my back pocket, and with me wherever I go, is the knowledge that she’s always just a phone call away.

Bob Montreal, Quebec

Adrienne has been essential to my happiness and helped me make important, wise and healthy decisions. I would 100% recommend her!

From our very first session together Adrienne left a solid impression on me. She is very knowledgeable and takes a holistic approach. She is down to earth with a very warm personality that makes you feel at ease right away; she is also able to balance this out with a good sense of professionalism. Adrienne is attentive and makes you feel listened to in a way that leaves you feeling lighter. Therapy can be a lot of work and can stir things up internally but having someone guide you as well as Adrienne does, really makes the process much smoother. I really enjoy our sessions and the growth and improvement I notice in myself as a result. Highly recommended!

I have been seeing Adrienne for approximately 3 years. Her extensive knowledge of human behavior, insight, and very pleasant soft-spoken nature, with a twist of humor at times, have been instrumental in my healing process. There is no time-limit to healing. It is an active working process that I will continue to explore with Adrienne, as she helps me find the necessary tools.

Adrienne has been very helpful , nice relaxed atmosphere since day one I feel very at ease . I have and will continue to refer her , to friends her are looking for a therapist.

Experience with therapist can be hard. Adrienne is a caring, knowledgeable and very effective therapist. She managed to guide me with care and with no pressure to see the most important issues I was facing without realizing completely. It’s a craft to make people feel cared for, understood and guided, a craft that Adrienne Durst master skillfully.

Adrienne Durst has been so great and a wonderful help to me. She gave me practical advice and great insights. Her comments were like a key for me in critical moments. She cares and I felt very comfortable with her and could trust her and open up to her. She has been the best experience I had ever had with a therapist. I definitely reach out to her if I have any problem in the future.

Adrienne Durst is very helpful and calm. She listens very carefully and has a very gentle and knowledgeable approach. Thank you so much for your advice!

Adrienne listens with intent. She hears what you say, more importantly what you can’t…yet say. A gentle push to walking through your own experience, pain, joy and connection to all you know you are… enough. No matter your struggle, I recommend Adrienne. Her compassionate style allows for true self exploration, without judgement or quick fix solutions. She is an excellent therapist.

Adrienne is a great listener with insightful perspectives and advice. I would highly recommend!

Adrienne has become such an important and special individual in my life. I started seeing Adrienne as a child during my parents’ divorce, and then again recently over 10yrs later when I reached out to her 2 yrs ago. I have always felt entirely comfortable talking with her, a trust that comes from the balance between Adrienne’s warm personality and professionalism. She has helped me with self esteem issues, anxiety, and managing my personal relationships - contacting her was the best decision I could have made for myself when I was at a very low point 2 years ago. Since then, my family and friends that have seen my growth have all commented of how much of a happier, more confident and relaxed person I have become since I started working with her - 3 things that felt unattainable to me before I reached out to her. My gratitude for Adrienne is immense (I get emotional when I think about it) and has made me recognize the importance of prioritizing therapy when it comes to properly caring for myself.

Adrienne is both professional and down to earth and has helped me get a much better perspective on my life. She always takes the time to help me work through my issues and gives me practical ways I can address what I am going through. I have always felt very at ease talking with Adrienne and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking out a warm caring therapist.

Adrienne is really easy to talk too. I’ve seen different therapists in my life, but I feel like we got off on the right track immediately and addressed the problems that I’ve been trying to get at for years.

Compassionate and involved. She has helped my husband and me deal with some issues in our marriage in a way which suits us both. Her office is comfortable and easy to reach. The whole experience has been far less intimdating than I expected it to be, and I appreciate the support she has given us.

Finally, an engaged therapist who really works with you to help you find your way. She listens but also communicates her ideas and challenges you. She helped me find my way through a dark time in my life and I am beyond grateful. I've grown into the women I've always knew I could be. Thank you.

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