Online Therapy

Making the Most of Online Therapy 

Online therapy ( aka teletherapy) has many upsides that make it worthwhile for both current clients and newcomers alike. It provides an alternative to in person sessions, allowing clients to still benefit from therapy whilst in the comfort of their own home or office.

Advantages of Teletherapy 

  • Zero travel time, traffic, parking or poor weather conditions to contend with.
  • Access to a well-qualified clinical therapist who may not be available locally.
  • Provides flexibility for busy professionals, stay at home parents, or anyone experiencing physical limitations due to medical reasons.
  • Allows people to travel for work or for other reasons while maintaining a continuity of care.
  • Increased privacy. No public waiting rooms.
  • Access to therapy for individuals who have difficulty leaving the house because of mental health issues such as debilitating anxiety. 

1. Does Online/Teletherapy work? 
Yes, research consistently shows that video or phone sessions are just as effective and meaningful as in-person therapy.

2. How does Online Therapy work?  
First, we would set-up an appointment via a phone call or email and I answer all your questions. If you opt for video conferencing, we will use Zoom as the online platform. Zoom complies with Canadian and American privacy and security standards (PIPEDA and HIPAA). You may also forego video conferencing and opt for phone sessions instead.

Don’t worry, I will guide you through the process. I am here for you. 

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